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Practical Ways to Address Stress While Adopting

During the adoption process, you may notice your stress levels rising. Maybe you drop a spoon full of mashed potatoes on the floor and decide that is the one true evidence proving you are indeed the most clumsy person on the planet. If you don’t address stress and...

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Celebrating 13 Years – We are Officially a Teenager!

Coming upon our anniversary here at ABBA Adoption, and our family is in celebration mode with several birthdays. One in particular in the past couple weeks was my son Aiden, who just turned 13!  The big birthday!!  Finally a TEEN!!  He is our 4th child to celebrate...

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Hopeful Expectations

We all go through seasons of life.  I personally am a spring and fall kind of girl.  I love the freshness spring time brings, with the wonderful aroma of flowers blooming, particularly honeysuckle.  In the fall, I love the change of colors and the crispness in the...

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Why Me?!

Last night while I was on my drive home I received a call from a young lady who was distraught. She was pregnant!  She has no help!  She wanted an abortion but couldn’t afford it!  Her life is in a mess!  She feels alone!  The father is physically abusive!  She’s...

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Blowing Snot Bubbles

I know….ewww…..gross! But seriously!  Have you ever found yourself so grieved, crying uncontrollably that you felt as you could fill a pool of sorrows from the pain and tears that you find yourself trying to breathe and looking for a Kleenex?  You know, because you...

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Happy Birthday Daddy! Honoring the Man Who Made Me His

Today we celebrate my dad turning 74. Today, however my daddy is laying in a hospital bed frail and weak.  He is in kidney failure, dementia, has double pneumonia, and CIDP.  Needless to say, this is a hard birthday.  I do not know if this will be the last birthday my...

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Life Celebrations

It’s mid afternoon! If you know anything about me at all, you know it’s time for a piece of chocolate and a cup of coffee. I must get my afternoon energy kicked into gear!  I have been reflecting all week about birthdays and celebrations.  This couple weeks in...

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Choosing Life Saved More Than the Baby’s

A Birth Mother's Story I’ll never forget the day I met her.  I received an urgent call into my office.  She had been at one of the local pregnancy resource centers and they had called me with a desperate plea to meet with her.  On the surface, her story wasn’t much...

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A Fresh Start – Faith, Family, Friends, and Adoption

So here we go!  We begin a new chapter!  (BTW…..this will be a little long) This launch has been one that I have agonized over!  Seriously, it’s pretty sickening how much anxiety I have had over the new website and now launching the new blog!  I want more than...

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