20 Things to Do While Waiting for Infant Adoption in Arkansas

December 28, 2017

We know the wait during infant adoption (and adoption in general) can be hard.

As Solomon reminds us in Ecclesiastes 3 of how God makes everything beautiful in His timing, it’s definitely something adoptive parents who are seeking infant adoption in Arkansas can meditate on!

“He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.”
-Ecc. 3:11

Waiting to be matched with your birth mother while seeking infant adoption is one of the most difficult things to go through as adoptive parents. Time drones on while waiting to meet your child, but trust in God’s timing. Your blessing is coming!

Time seems to slow down to a snail’s pace while waiting to be matched, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit there and twiddle your thumbs! We’ve compiled a list of things to do while waiting for infant adoption in Arkansas!

1. Pray for your birth mother

She is the biological mother of your child and she could be going through some of the toughest days of her life. Whether she is currently carrying or will be carrying your baby in the near future, she needs your prayers!

Pray for a healthy and easy pregnancy. Pray that she comes to have a deep love for the Lord and that she has hope for her future.

2. Pray for your spouse

You’ve been dreaming of being parents together for a very long time, but now this person whom you love with your entire heart is under immense stress during this waiting game. Pray for peace in their heart. Pray for their future parenting skills. Pray that your marriage will bring glory to God through infant adoption.

3. Pray for your baby

You’ve most likely already been doing this, but we had to bring it up! Your baby is a developing human! These months in the womb are crucial to your son or daughter’s health. Pray for a miraculously healthy pregnancy and delivery!

4. Pray for Yourself

Ask God to give you peace that passes all human understanding. Pray that He will provide you with an innate sense for biblical parenting. Pray that you will be a parent that seeks to bring God glory through your parenthood.

5. Get in Shape

You’re about to be lugging around a little human! You’ll be stooping, leaning, squatting, and holding all day for months and months. By exercising before baby comes, you’re more likely to avoid the sore muscles and an aching back that comes with being a new parent.

6. Choose a Pediatrician

Ask for recommendations for clinics that have weekend hours. Pro tip: make sure they accept your insurance!

7. Prepare a Will or Review an Existing One

Make sure your will covers your children, biological or by adoption. Don’t forget to choose godparents and guardians.

8. Childproof your Home

9. Find Out Your Employer’s Policy on Maternity/Adoption Leave

Educate yourself on the Family and Medical Leave Act and what your employer is required to do.

10. Choose a Name

11. Start a Journal

Take the angle of writing a continuous letter to God about your thoughts and emotions throughout this process. Or maybe address the journal to your future child to read when they are older.

12. Take a CPR Class

Make sure it covers the Heimlich maneuver for children and infants. Your pediatrician will know where the best classes are offered.

13. Organize Your Home

You won’t have time to do this after baby arrives, so make the most of your free time!

14. Invest in a Camera and Basic Photography Lessons

You’ll want to remember every stage of your child’s life and photography is the best way to capture that! Make sure to have a good idea of how to photograph squirmy children.

15. Prepare Your Fur Babies for the Baby’s Arrival

Here’s a good source for that!: https://www.akc.org/content/dog-training/articles/how-to-introduce-babies-and-dogs/

16. Build a Library of Children’s books

Used book stores, thrift stores, and garage sales are great places to get the most for your money. Be sure to have books for each stage of an infant’s life, varying in sounds, colors, tactile experiences!

17. Arrange Childcare if You’ll be Working

Good childcare is hard to come by! Be sure to get references from babysitters.

18. Cook and Prepare Freezable Meals

You won’t have time to cook for a while after baby comes home. Freezing meals that can be easily reheated is a GREAT way to prepare, to save money, and to make good nutrition choices as a new parent.

19. Research Infant-Friendly Restaurants and Activities in Your Area

20. Spread the Good News!

Let everyone in your life know that you’re pursuing infant adoption in Arkansas. Ask for prayers!

Look out for a 20 more things to do while waiting to be matched with your birth mother, coming soon!