Finding the Right Adoption Agency

September 28th, 2018

When you are looking for an adoption agency, it can be very overwhelming.

It is important to carefully consider all your options, but the biggest question is, how do you know what to look for in an adoption agency? Not all agencies are the same or provide the same type of services so it’s crucial you understand what is important to you in your adoption journey.

One of the most important aspects to consider is that adoptions are never the same, therefore it is imperative that you work with an agency that understands all the dynamics of adoption and one that you feel confident will walk the journey every step of the way with you understanding your individual needs as a couple and the unique needs of the birth mom and how that all fits together for the benefit of everyone while keeping the best interest of the child at the forefront.

Here are a few tips on finding the right adoption agency for you.


Communication is vital! The adoption process itself is very stressful for everyone involved. You want to know that the agency you are working with understands the fears and anxieties that come with the process and that they are sensitive to address any concerns that you have.

There are many aspects of the process that you need to be made aware of. You haven’t walked this journey before so it is important that the agency is guiding you along each step of the path. This can range from knowing the general process in the beginning, having all the information available to help you prayerfully consider if the match you are being presented is the right match for you and what the expectations are for that match, as well as understanding the legal process for your particular adoption case.

The reality is that adoption comes from a hard and broken place. Emotions run high. Things change with the birth mother, sometimes by outside influences. It is crucial that the adoption agency you decide to work with addresses any matters that may arise in your case in a prompt manner and helps you think through the steps that need to be taken to go forward. I often say that adoption is much like a big roller coaster. You are anxiously excited while waiting in line; you just can’t get to the entrance to board the ride fast enough. Then as you board and take your seat, your heart starts racing, your hands are sweating, and you have butterflies in your stomach. The ride takes off and sure enough, there is an unexpected twist, drop, or loop you didn’t quite expect and you do everything you can to not lose your lunch. When the ride is over you are dizzy and it takes just a moment to gather your secure grounding BUT then you are ready to ride again.

ABBA Adoption is committed to being available to walk intimately with our families. Every adoptive couple and birth mothers are given all office numbers, emails, and cell phone numbers. We want those that have entrusted us with these important life decisions to know we are available to them. Communication helps to keep anxiety down during the process and we know the importance of our families having access to us. Our adoptive couples and birth moms are very important to us and we are dedicated to helping build the best adoption possible not only by communication but by praying for each individual we are honored to minister to.


A good adoption agency will have a reputation of treating both the birth parents and adoptive parents with respect. This is an emotional process. Working with someone who has both parties’ best interests in mind means all the difference in the world.

It goes without saying that respect is earned, not given. It is the building block for trusting relationships. When you respect someone, you value their opinion. You will be looking to your adoption agency for a lot of advice and leadership. You will need to trust they are leading you and your birth mom in a mutually respected manner.

The adoption agency that you decide to work with should be honorable and go above and beyond to fulfill their services to you. Their reputation is built upon the character qualities of all those that work there. They should always speak in a manner that builds others up and is never demeaning.

ABBA Adoption has built their reputation on respect. You will see this very evident in the way we value human life as we understand that God created all things. We know that it is not by chance that any adoptive parent or birth mom has been put in our path. We take pouring into people’s lives seriously, treating everyone with dignity and grace. Bottom line is we love because Christ first loved us and called each person in our agency to minister to others in a time of need.


When choosing an adoption agency you need to have confidence that the agency and its staff are very knowledgeable in every aspect of adoption. Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions. Some things to consider is how long the agency has been licensed. What is their success rate of completed adoptions? Ask what experience the staff has that is relevant to their specific job. Talk with other adoptive couples that have used the adoption agency in the past. You should feel confident in the adoption agency you are entrusting to help build your family.

ABBA Adoption has a staff that is very knowledgeable in adoption. We are happy to answer all your questions and walk you through the process specific to your needs. We have a solid team with experience to guide you each step of the way.


Ethics is relatively defined as the moral code in which governs a person’s or business’s behavior. It’s their moral judgment between right and wrong. Without writing a book on this topic, I will say dealing with an adoption agency that has a reputation for being ethical is crucial for your adoption! I cannot overstate this enough!!

There is a huge difference between placing a child in a home and finding the family a child will thrive in. The agency should hold to the practice that the best interest of the child must be served first! Sometimes in adoption, there are those that take advantage of the system. Look to an agency whose ethics dictate that if it is not morally right, they will guide you to walk away, even if it means losing a placement.

ABBA Adoption holds vastly to Christian ethics and values. We look to the moral character of who God is and strive to model this in every detail of our agency. After all, it was this very reason Kandi Cox was so burdened to start ABBA Adoption in 2004.

Even when there are tough choices to make, have confidence that the adoption agency will guide you with gentleness and prayer to always make the right and moral decision.