Celebrating 13 Years - We are Officially a Teenager!

July 6, 2017

Coming upon our anniversary here at ABBA Adoption, and our family is in celebration mode with several birthdays.

One in particular in the past couple weeks was my son Aiden, who just turned 13!  The big birthday!!  Finally a TEEN!!  He is our 4th child to celebrate that milestone and each time it is a fresh (and terrifying) feeling of all things new to experience; later bedtime, more choices in movies (with strong parental oversight, of-course), more independence, and more responsibility.  Then in our family there is the “finally can have gum” and coffee!  I know…..crazy, but that’s the rules…..no gum or coffee till your 13!  It’s more of a maturity issue.  It gives them something tangible they haven’t been able to freely do before and now they can have those freedoms.  Maturity…..yes, that time in life when you expect some of the childish behaviors to disappear and for the now teenager to step it up a notch in the responsibilities!  It’s an exciting time of new experiences for both the child and the parents.

In pondering that milestone for my son, I got to thinking about ABBA Adoption and what new things lie ahead.  We are spreading our wings in new areas.  Some that we have only dreamed about, that now get to become reality, like chewing gum freely for the first time.  I mean, you’ve chewed gum, but now there is a freedom to enjoy that privilege in a way you’ve never been able to before.  Or that morning cup of coffee.  From your first sip, you pucker from the bitterness of it, then, as your taste for coffee matures, you enjoy the warmth it brings and the fascination of having it in many formats; black, flavored creamer, latte’, or espresso double shot, please and thank you!

We are kicking off our 13th anniversary with many new things to come!  AND WE ARE EXCITED!  You will see a whole new web-site and new marketing strategies coming very soon!  We want you, our adoptive families, birth moms and friends to learn more about us as an agency and what sets us apart.  This will give ABBA Adoption the ability to have more opportunities to minister to those that need us most!

In our 13 years, we have walked with well over 200 adoptive families and birth parents in this journey of adoption all the while maintaining our strong pro-life, pro-family, pro-ministry calling to our community!  Thank you for allowing us to be a vital part of your life!